That’s all folks!

That’s it! Our final copy of The World’s Wife has been assigned!

What happens next:

1) The Lancaster book givers will contact everyone who has responded to the website with a personal e-mail, asking for your postal addresses.

2)We’ll post out the books over the coming… fair few weeks 😉 But you will get them, don’t worry!

3)The books will all be registered on Book Crossing – so if you want to send them once you’ve read them you’ll be able to find out just how far they travel.

World Book Night is the 5th March (that’s tomorrow!) with a launch tonight, and the BBC will be covering the celebrations – so, grab a book, grab a friend, grab a bottle of your favourite tipple, and join a world wide celebration of the wonderful world of books.


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The final countdown!

The World Book Night books have been going like a storm! There are only eight copies left to gift out. So if you haven’t asked for one yet, you’d better do it quickly…

Once the final copies have been claimed we’ll start the process of collecting everyone’s postal address by e-mail. Please bear with us if this takes a bit of time! For those of you who can collect them, the books will be held in the Litfest office on the first floor of the Storey centre in Lancaster.

We’re open Tuesdays to Fridays, 11.30-5.00pm. There’s a free exhibition at the Storey Gallery just down the hall from Litfest so if you do come along, make sure you pop into that as well.

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48 books gone so far! It’s so satisfying to learn that there is such a great appetite for books.

However, that does mean that our stock is running short. There are now just 25 copies of The World’s Wife left to give out. I’m afraid that they will go on a first come first served basis. I’ll try my best to make sure that, as soon as I hit that mark of 25 more requests, I will close comments, but please be aware that you may come in as number 26 or 27! If you do I’m really sorry, but you won’t be able to receive one of the World Book Night books.

However… if there’s anyone here who thinks they’d like to send on their book once they’ve read it to someone who doesn’t receive one, they could leave a comment to this post. Maybe we could set up a book-swapping circle between people who love to pass on old books (The Book-Giver writing this posts knows that some of his books have been through the post many times). That’s just an idea. The World Book Night books are gifts, and The World’s Wife is definitely a book that everyone should have on their bookshelf.

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Would you like a free book?

Edit: All of the Lancaster Book Givers books have been assigned. We have no more left to give!

But don’t worry – in the weeks and months following World Book Night, the World Book Night books are going to start appearing in Book Crossing points around the country. There are 25 brilliant titles, all classics of modern literature, which will be free in the wild for you to find.

(The old version of this post is below, recorded for posterity!)

In the run up to World Book Night, we have to find homes for dozens of copies of Seamus’ Heaney’s Collected Poems and Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife. If you would like a copy of one of this great book, just reply in the comments field here. Don’t leave any personal information – we’ll use the e-mail address that you provide to WordPress to contact you.

The books are available free, and we’ll pay for the postage (provided you don’t live miles and miles away). Books will be mailed out to you after March 5th – or if you’re based near Lancaster UK you might be able to visit us and pick them up.

Any other book givers based in Lancaster or nearby who would like to add their books to the pool should get in touch!

Edit: it turns out that the Seamus Heaney poems which arrived in the office were actually intended for another local book giver! Dear me. He’s giving his book to a charity for survivors of torture. The Lancaster Book Givers in fact have The World’s Wife to give away. Which is no bad thing 🙂


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